The Keys Steps To Being a Programmer

December 2, 2019 by No Comments

Programming, also known as software engineering or coding, is a branch of software development that focuses on the creation and distribution of programs of varying types. Programming is a career path that has been gaining global popularity in recent years, and is the career that is projected to grow the most in coming years. Find out what it takes to become a fully-fledged, paid programmer.

  1. Understanding Programming

Becoming a software engineer worth hiring can take years of learning and practice, and it’s important that anyone wanting to break into the field understand that it’s not an easy route to making good money. It requires dedication, an understanding of mathematics and computers, and the ability to write a certain amount of code in a given amount of time. It’s not a career for everyone, but those that find themselves naturally interested in it will find it a highly rewarding path.

  1. Decide The Field

Most programming career paths can be broken down into: web development, data scientists, software programming, mobile app development, database administrator, and more. While these are the most popular, they aren’t the only ones available, and it’s vital that a potential engineer takes the time to research each field and learn which they’d like to be a part of.

  1. Learning a Language

The basis of any programming career is learning one of the many languages available. These are special languages that coders write to make a computer successfully run the software they’ve developed. Some of the most popular languages include Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Swift, Java, and more. Each language varies in difficulty in terms of how long it takes to learn it, but choosing the right language ties in directly with the type of career being chosen. Languages like Python are a good place to start, as they’re easy to learn and can be applied to a wide spectrum of different software developments.

  1. Practice

Learning the language is the start, but it can take a few years of practice before the programmer is knowledgeable about the language that they can start looking for work. It’s not simply about learning how the language work, but also about its different applications in regards as to what can be built from it, whether it’s a new phone app or creating a site that offers the top NZ blackjack tables.  It’s the only way to become a programmer with a CV that’s appealing to potential employers.

  1. Create a Portfolio

The next step is to create a portfolio of work that can be shown to prospective employers. This means taking the time and creating working programs that can be posted on sites like GitHub. It’s also important that there are a few pieces of work on the portfolio, and that there’s evidence of progression and improvement over time, which many employers want to see in anyone they may hire in the future. It’s also a good way of showing off any possible

Being a programmer can be rewarding both mentally and financially, but it does take many years or patience, learning, and even more practice.