The Great Tech Takeover

March 7, 2022 by No Comments

The world is going on and on about how technology is changing everything, and it really has. People have gone from living in the reality of the moment to using social media as an escape. It’s no longer about the real world and instead about the impending digital world. The constantly evolving metaverse that has been making headlines.

Of course, the pandemic has accelerated certain aspects and made technologies that reduce the need for going beyond the walls of your home and exploring the great outdoors.

Have you noticed how as soon as something happens, cell phones are the first thing to be used. Whether it’s to take a photo or share an update online, this has become the first line of action. How else do you think those videos of crazy, newsworthy events end up online? Babies falling from buildings and other shocking occurrences are all recorded and uploaded for all to see.

Sharing Is Caring, Right?

The intention of the digital world is to make things more accessible. And it really has made such a big difference. However, what many people tend to lose sight of is the human angle, the real life experiences that are happening right in front of them.

The rise of smart phones, and they seriously are SMART, has made it easier than ever to escape into a virtual world. And while this may be helpful, it can become an obstruction. Are you able to leave your home without your phone? More importantly, would you be able to survive a day without your phone? Probably not, and that’s where the problem lies.

Innovative technologies have been created to make life a whole lot simpler, but the truth is, it shouldn’t become an all-encompassing thing. Rather, it should be used to empower your life and work alongside your lifestyle. The truth is, many people are choosing to make it their lifestyle.

The term “Facebook official” has become a must. This means that unless it’s been posted online, it isn’t real and doesn’t matter. This is why people have become obsessed with posting every single thing that they do online. And when one person does it, others begin to feel obliged to share their lifestyles online too, and suddenly you have an entire generation living strictly online.

It’s truly fascinating to see how people are glued to screens instead of enjoying real life, as it happens. The urge to never miss a beat online exists, but what about never missing a beat where it matters most?

Technology Has Taken Over

Once again, it’s worth mentioning that we understanding that technology has taken over and that it offers a whole new world of opportunity to the world it exists in. Our concern and key take away of this piece is that we as a society have become so obsessed with the digital that we’ve lost sight of the real.

Does our society have what it takes to find balance, or are we doomed to live a virtual existence?