Myths And Misbeliefs About Artificial Intelligence

August 29, 2022 by No Comments

For decades, artificial intelligence has been at the forefront of all things technological, and people have always feared that one day we would make an AI that was truly sentient, and it would turn against us. Artificial intelligence-related technologies have made massive strides over the last few years, and some experts believe that with the widespread usage of quantum computers, we’ll begin to see entirely new types of artificial intelligence.

But thanks to movies, science fiction, video games, and other kinds of media, there are a lot of misconceptions that surround artificial intelligence and what it’s truly capable of right now. Let’s explore some of those myths and find out why they’re not all entirely true.

AI Can Think Like A Human

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that an artificial intelligence would think and operate similarly to a human being, especially when we consider that AI has been created by us piece by piece. But computers simply don’t follow the same thought patterns or logical processes that we do. Today’s machine intelligences are able to complete large, complicated tasks in short periods of time, but they lack the cognition, emotion, and physical needs that make a human work.

Artificial Intelligence Is On The Verge Of Sentience

This is perhaps one of the most common beliefs, and it’s usually born out of the notion that AI is progressing at such as pace that one day it will be a thinking, sentient being.

The truth is, however, that we are a few decades off of such an achievement, and right now AI is nothing more than a very complex computer program that’s able to calculate and process numbers many, many times faster than the human brain. This makes it exceedingly good at sifting through large databases, for example, but it’s still a far cry from having a computer that can begin questioning its own existence or interacting with us in an organic way.

AI Will Steal Everyone’s Jobs

One of the more common fears among most people is that they will lose their jobs to artificial intelligence one day. There is a little bit of truth to this belief, but it’s not really in the way that most people believe, even if it might one day help people make better choices with New Zealand sports bets.

For instance, AI might take over a few jobs in the medical field, but not so much that it will cause widespread displacement. In fact, most AI experts have said that artificial intelligence will instead generate more jobs than it takes away over the long-term, and while some types of work will disappear, this is no different to the kinds of automation that have taken place over the last two centuries.

AI Is Only For Big Tech Industries

It’s also believed that only the big tech industries around the world will be able to make use of AI, but as more AI technologies become mainstream, they will start becoming a more important part of the consumer world, too. It will be a part of the devices that we use every day, as well as the work that we do.