Technology Predictions for 2020 and Beyond

December 23, 2019 by No Comments

Technological innovations are heavily influencing how both businesses and society as a whole operate on a day-to-day basis. Consumers now expect on-demand services to be delivered quickly and smoothly. In response to this organisations are devoting significant investment into the development of software that not only meets the public’s expectations but also beats that of their competitors’.

The Effect of 5G on How Data Is Handled

With faster speeds and lower levels of latency, 5G is likely to deliver a serious wave of innovation, perhaps the largest one since the advent of the internet! It will add trillions to the world economy with different form factors of devices and changes in how we view data and receive it. This will result in giant leaps forward in cloud computing in the form of edge computing. IoT devices will start moving into the mainstream in smart cities and autonomous vehicles along with 5G will enrich our daily lives and demand a whole new infrastructure.

Already established operators like the Top 5 online casinos in New Zealand, for example, will be able to offer us games that are even quicker and more immersive!

AI Innovation Will Be Transformed

Developers are soon going to be enjoying easier access to Artificial Intelligence than ever before. For instance, increasingly more advanced technologies are becoming available to at little-to-no expense or time commitment, and algorithms can increase efficiency with data sets that are progressively shrinking.

This trend is not only democratising AI innovation but also allowing for the creation of smaller and more niche AI tools. This was not always possible, either because of the lack of available data or the problem not being worth the huge investment solving it would necessitate. Thanks to both these factors decreasing quickly we will start seeing more diversity in AI-powered tools as well as it becoming a component, however small, of a wider variety of products. Examples of this include the improvement of camera and television image-quality and appliances become more powerful.

Consumers Will Insist on Platform Governance

For companies focused on technology, especially platform organisations like Airbnb, Facebook, and Uber, platform governance is going to be a big focus next year and beyond. We’ve already seen Facebook taking action and implementing policies aimed at limiting the spread of false information to its users, and this trend is likely to grow as customers continue speaking out.

For these organisations to keep succeeding and holding on to their standing as the industry moguls they’ve become, stricter governance levels need to be put into place to protect their clients.

Quantum Computing Will Keep Progressing

The pursuit of demonstrating quantum computing’s practical application is only set to intensify. While there are already firms claiming to have achieved supremacy in this field, we’ve yet to see it showcasing its power when it comes to solving problems in the real world.

While we may still be many years away from the first true quantum computer, 2020 will deliver more research and progress towards this technology’s practical solutions.