How Machine Learning Will Affect Us

February 10, 2020 by No Comments

Machine learning is the latest innovation in the artificial intelligence industry, and it’s starting to change the world as we know it. Where once it was nothing more than an idea in science fiction, it’s now a full-blown industry of its own, being employed by such companies as Google, Apple, and Microsoft. The idea behind machine learning is giving a computer the ability to learn something and use what they’ve learnt in a practical manner. These are some aspects of our lives that may be changed in the future by machine learning.

  1. Automated Transport

Automated transportation is by no means a new concept, with many modern commercial aircraft making use of advanced automation in order to safely carry its passengers through the skies. But it’s not the only sector that’s seen automation on this scale. Self-driving cars have been making big waves in recent years, mostly thanks to advances in machine learning. The AI systems in these cars allow them to take their passengers to a destination while also having the capability of correcting mistakes and avoiding accidents.

  1. Intelligent Gaming

Gaming has always been at the forefront of new technology, and it’s set to benefit greatly from the advances in AI. One way that gamers might experience this is in the way AI works in computer games, such as in First Person Shooters. Here, the AI will be able to learn how the player reacts in the game, adapting to the player’s playstyle and providing more of a challenge. We could possibly see this kind of tech extended  into our favourite sites for Aussie sports bets. While we’re still very much in the early stages of intelligent gaming, it’s expected to take off in the next few years.

  1. Dangerous Jobs

Some of the most dangerous jobs in the world, such as bomb disposal, can often lead to injury or sometimes even death. One of the best ways to avoid physical injury is by sending in robots that are controlled by AI. The AI is able to make millions of tiny calculations while diffusing an explosive device, providing a higher chance of success. While robots are already used for dangerous jobs, machine learning could allow them to undertake more complex tasks.

  1. Elderly Care

One technology that is currently being worked on is advanced robots for assisting the elderly. These robots would be able to help with everyday tasks, such as carrying packets, cleaning, and even assisting the person when they’re out shopping. It still has a long way to go before widespread usage, but it’s a technology that could help many elderly people.

  1. Improved Banking Security

Hundreds of thousands of transactions take place across the world every day, and it would be impossible for a person to keep track of all of them in real time. Machine learning could potentially take up the task of watching for possible anomalies in real time, giving bank account owners a notification if any unusual activity takes place. The improvement to online banking security would prove invaluable to millions.