Excellence in Retail Software Solutions
At BitS our company mission is to deliver quality retail software solutions which provide the highest level of customer focused functionality.
This commitment has lead to two recent major product announcements :
Modena: A touch screen, windows based electronic point of sale system.
Maranello: A complete windows based back office system supporting a full range of customer, supplier and stock functionality plus a complete set of reports.

By understanding the requirements for retailing success we will help our customers save time, money and promote efficient control of all aspects of their business.

Flexible Software Solutions
Your Epos investment needs to be well protected and flexible to accommodate your anticipated future needs. This flexibility is the key to the success of BitS.

By designing and building retail software solutions that are compatible with industry standard hardware platforms, all BitS software packages are easily integrated into new or existing systems.

Customer Base
From our smaller sites that helped BitS become established as a confident choice for retail systems provision, we are now suppliers to household names such as QVC Shopping Channel, Londis (Ireland), Darlington Crystal and Field and Trek Plc.

Our target markets have grown to encompass retailing divisions such as music distribution, white goods sales, hospitality and other specialist retail outlets. Since its inception over 500 companies have selected the flexibility, security and accuracy of BitS software solutions.

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